In 2011 some changes were made.

Financial uncertainty and a tightening on spending caused widespread social redesign. Several long held structures were removed and legislation was altered to redirect and increase central resources income, while reducing it’s less profitable social investments.

With access to the wisdom of a planet, and a golden age unknown in any previous era, and on the edge of exponential expansion, it is an excellent point to prepare for the future.

With this intent, I began preparation to explore the difficulties and benefits of having your world on your back and your home where your whim choses.

There were disasters, successes, retreats, and rewards.

Along the way, I took some advice and made some discoveries.

I also like fun.


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chimp_hat boat

chimp_hat boat

chimp_hat boat

November 2014

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Things, move at a different pace.


Busy three years, lots of work and lots of testing fun. Have a fair route now, so just airing improvements.

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Outside the box

This is aimed at exploring the benefits and hazards of taking a step back from some of the comforts of civilisation, while exploiting a few advantages.

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