Tinfoil hat

Unlikely as it sounds, it’s a really good idea.


chimp_Tinfoil hat

Now a tinfoil hat is not good at stopping ‘the man’ from reading your mind; in fact it’s a viable reason to start asking what’s in your mind in the first place if you wear it some places.

‘The man’ has much better things to be occupied with.

Tinfoil is aluminium; shiny, reflective, and quite cheap. You’ve got a signaling device for a start.

Correctly applied, it acts as a principle for protection from solar storm activity, and also any pillock deciding EMP is a good way to free up more space in their armouries for the next big deterrence choice.

Faraday cages act as a barrier to prevent damage to your pocket computer so you can still access it’s stored information. The computer and files (yup, fone and sd’s…you’re ahead of me) form a valuable resource. Good place for your library to be.

Tinfoil attracts attention; wear it and you’ll be the centre of attention. It reflects warmth; your survival blanket just got lighter. It conducts electricity; you have wiring.

You also have a cooking tool and makeshift cup. And a trailmarker.

Perfect as time passes, you’ll have many choices appear; perhaps more appealing, or better at doing the job.

When they do, pick a new hat.


About NathanChimp

Roving journalist, presently UK/Europe based. Specialising in equipment testing and other media interests for anomofo
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